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What is CCFL

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting which has been used as backlighting for LCD screens, laptops, copiers, printers and scanners for many years because of its ultra energy efficiency, extreme long-life, durability and flashing capabilities.

Top Brilliant Technology, Ltd. (TBT) of Hong Kong, the Inventor/Patent owner is the pioneer in the world to have developed the first line of CCFL bulbs for general lighting purposes. the technology which enables high-quality lighting along with ultra energy efficiency, smooth dimming and adjustable color-temperature features.
CCFL bulbs capable of much longer lifetime, the ability to work well with sensors, photocells, intelligent control- and can dim smoothly without reducing lifetime. This means even greater performance and energy efficiency than Compact Fluorescents (spiral CFL bulbs), and a much more affordable and practical alternative to LED technology, in many cases.

What does it do?

Firstly,CCFL technology is ultra energy-efficient ...that is it can save more than 80% in energy costs over traditional incandescent lighting. This is because it can be dimmed smoothly and works well with sensors, photocells, timers and intelligent control. These unique characteristics allow the user to have full control over balancing daylight and artificial lighting in their environment in order to customize their lighting needs.

The Importance of Adjustable Color Temperature Features!

Further, with dimming and adjustable color temperature features, it can be adjusted from a range of daylight to warm evening light at any time.

  • This adjustable feature works with the body's natural cycles to allow for better well-being.

Daylight activates our body to release the hormone, serotonin, which gives us the ability to focus and make us alert… and warm light activates another hormone, melatonin, which relaxes our mind. Effective dimming and color-temperature change helps to cut down on glare and can work with daylight harvesting.
Who needs it and why?

Everyone needs it because light is one of the most important parts of our lives and plays a much larger role in our well-being than most people realize.
The greatest benefits are:

  • People who work with computers, or have to read many hours, or who have to work regularly at nights (such as computer users, students, hospital workers, writers, teachers, etc.) It enhances work performance and, for students, it expands their ability to learn.
  • People who work with tasks which require acute vision and clarity (such as drafters, graphic designers, architects, commercial artists, designers etc.)
  • Commercial/retail and industrial users who require precise and quality lighting to ensure correct color selection whereby different color temperature lighting would help to make the right decision (such as interior decorators, set designers, carpet and furniture store salespersons, photographers, interior decorators, artists, paint/, carpet/ furniture retail salespersons).
  • Hobbyists (painters, stamp collectors, jewelry, arts and crafts, etc.)
  • People who work nights who have little chance to work with natural daylight or suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

CCFL puts you in control of your personal lighting! It’s combination of ultra-energy-efficiency, durability and long-life make it the most cost-effective and revolutionary lighting technology available today!


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CCFL Technology

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting which has been used as backlighting for LCD screens, laptops, copiers, printers and scanners for many years because of its ultra energy efficiency, extreme long-life, durability readmore>>